Know Your Rights

What rights do I have?

Many “Sewer Back-up” claims are covered by the OGTCA which has time limits that forever bar your claim if not filed timely. Cities and Municipalities will generally provide you with a form to complete and submit for the “investigation”. You are not required to use any particular form and you should contact an experienced lawyer to assist you with making a claim.

Many Cities and Municipalities have insurance that cover sewer claims, but the insurance company as a matter of routine will deny your claim. Do not expect your claim to be paid even if it was the fault of the City. It’s a numbers game and the insurance company thinks you will give up because getting the City to pay is too much trouble. Don’t let the City or the Insurance company add insult to injury, contact a sewer lawyer.

Our family had been through multiple losses, cancer, and lastly a backup of sewage into our home all within a short period of time. The City had backed their sewage from their lines into our home two days in a row. Jim was so kind and compassionate about our situation and took our “sewage” case in rural Oklahoma 4.5 hours away from OKC! He is very compassionate and seeks justice for his clients. He listens to his client’s needs and wishes. We attended mediation and came to an agreement we were pleased with within hours. And…he requested the City write an apology letter. After having spent only a few hours together on this case, I now consider him not only my attorney, but also a friend. If I need legal advice in the future, I will contact Jim! He is an excellent attorney and I highly recommend the Buxton Law Group. I thank him and his wife for their kindness, compassionate hearts, and support.

Carrie Haisten Gibson