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*Homeowner responsibility for a sewer line extends past the property line and all the way to where the sewer ties into the City main.

Here are some Common Questions.

Who is going to fix the problem?
If it is a problem with the city main then the City will fix it. If it is a problem with your private line that connects to the City main, it is your responsibility. It is important to contact a plumber to come check your lines.
Who is going to pay for the damage?

Obviously if it’s a problem with your line, you will pay for the damage. Unfortunately, even if it’s a result of a problem in the City main, you will likely be left paying for the remediation and restoration. Many Cities and Municipalities try and put this burden on homeowners and their insurance companies. It is important to make sure your homeowners policy covers sewer floods and back-up.

Will the City do anything to help me?

Probably not. Generally City employees are trained to deny responsibility and not do anything to assist the homeowner with clean-up. Exposure to raw sewage places humans and pets health at serious risk, regardless of the amount of sewage. You should immediately contact a company that specializes in environmental remediation.

Will the City reimburse me for the damage if the backup is in the City main?

No. Most Cities and Municipalities in Oklahoma are insured by an insurance company that has a standard policy to deny sewer claims. The insurance company will also try and hide behind the City’s immunity to avoid paying a claim. If your claim is denied, call an experienced sewer lawyer.

Is this City policy or law?

Policy. There is no special law that protects a sewer system operator or its employees from damages caused by their negligence and failure to maintain the sewer system. See law

How do I file a claim?

You can contact the City clerk of your city and ask them to mail a claim form to you, or you can pick one up at City Hall. Beware that there are very special laws that cover these claims. If you think you have claim, contact an experience sewer lawyer to help you.


The mission of the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality is to enhance the quality of life in Oklahoma and protect the health of its citizens by protecting, preserving and restoring the water, land and air of the state, thus fostering a clean, healthy, and sustainable environment.

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Health Concerns

Raw sewage can contain certain biological agents such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites. The risk of illness depends on the type and the duration of exposure to the sewage. The most common mode of infection is through oral contact. Skin contact alone does not pose a health threat unless you have an open wound(s).

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Sewage Cases

Here you will find cases of suites filed against the following cities including: Holdenville, Spencer, Talihina, and Del City. You may find information that may help you to determine what you need to do. If you think you have claim, contact an experience sewer lawyer to help you.

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Know Your Rights

“Sewer Back-up” claims are covered my the OGTCA which has time limits that forever bar your claim if not filed timely. Cities and Municipalities will provide you with a form to complete and submit for the “investigation”.

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When toxic substances enter a body of water, they will be dissolved, and suspended in the water . Such water, which ultimately ends up in our households, is often highly contaminated and can carry disease-causing microbes.

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Protect Yourself

Make sure your Homeowner’s Insurance covers sewer back-ups. If you are downhill from the sewer main, be sure a back-flow valve has been put on your sewer line – especially if your house is in an older area of the city.

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